Built up COARSE frame #1, the relaxed geometry rando/touring/city bike, into a single speed city commuter. After several bar setups, this is what stuck. So far so good...

working on a track frame this week. Aligned and brazed together the front triangle yesterday

Made some stickers. If you want one, holla via email

lit up

COARSE is a multi faceted endeavor, or i want it to be more than just bikes. I began thinking of simple projects that comprise basic functionality with art. these lights came out of that idea.


Thanks to Lance Mercado and Squarebuilt for the powdercoat Job!


Finished colleen's track frame last night, and put the final rack mounts on the rando frame i made last month. Brought them over to the squarebuilt facilities for powdercoat this morning. Much thanks to lance for hookin' it up! Should be painted by friday. Heres some shots snapped this morning on the way to paint after an all night filing session

Doug's mini Porteur rack

Prototype idea that I plan to expand on. Will be working with Zack from Sink or Swim on a custom roll up pannier.

i love new york

Fine ladies of Bedford Ave

Let freedom ring. Shot with iphone camera through a viewfinder along the west side bike path



been sick. Current track frame i'm working on is partially done. Been making drawings of new ideas. Look for pics asap

dee doo

Fall is here!! Came at us hard this week with some serious temperature change. The high has only been in the low 50's the last couple of days. Messengering yesterday was chilly!! Got to bust out some of my dope cold weather gear and layer up. Today i'll be working on a frame and some racks, look for updates and progress shots tomorrow. Here's some parting shots for the sake of entertainment and art.

Process : Colleen's Track Frame

Planning to try and take more documentation shots of the whole building process, at various stages. Heres some pics of the front triangle of this NJS inspired track frame started this week.


Been a minute since i last posted. Super busy adjusting to my new winter schedule of part time at the bike shop along with messenger work a few days a week, and squeezing in time for Coarse projects. More frames and racks are in the works! Get in touch with me to get yours!
Heres some fresh shots of the current endeavors of my laboratory tinkering. A rando/townie frame I just finished brazing that still needs some lovin' from my files

October update

Touring journey to vermont was solid. frame conversion worked out great, everything held up. Some beautiful weather, some rain.
it's raining. planning this trip to vermont. decided to turn my steamroller into a ten speed for the crazy climbs ill be dealing with. check out the conversion so far

Posted Up

Today I was working on a custom quill seat post for a bridgestone kabuki frame. As with other seat collar-less frames, once the original equipment quill post breaks, and/or is seperated from it's frame, there are only a few options: source another original post, or custom fabrication. The owner of this bike chose the latter, and I was excited to see what I could come with.
I cut apart an old lug I had laying around that I had sweated out of another frame and used it to add some style and detail.


Today I decided that I'm going to build a lightweight rear rack for my steamroller that will accept my Jandd panniers. At the end of the month I want to do a one week tour from Brooklyn to Vermont and back, on a fixed gear, carrying some extra chainrings for the crazy climbs in new england. This week ill also be making a quill-style seatpost for an early 80's Bridgestone Kabuki. This cat has a moustache

bringheli jig

put it together a week ago or so. have yet to set it up for a specific frame geometry. the frame i started work on today will be the trial run for the jig.

New Frame

Started a frame this evening.

Porteur Racks

Recently finished

What I'm doing with coarse is open ended. I am too indecisive and interests are spread to widely for me to only work on one thing. So i want to do both bicycle and bicycle inspired metal fabrication. Similar processes, different end product. Building custom bicycle frames, and racks. but also work on projects that are outside of making frames. Signs, furniture, sculpture. Whatever is exciting to me at the moment.