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Photgrapher, friend and former roommate Jammi York was kind enough to take some super professional photos of some of the work I had that was laying arond the shop. Check out Jammi's website here.


Tool Talk

Ordered new tooling today!!! Soon i'll be the owner of a bringheli fork jig, alignment table, and fork alignment system. After being so stoked on the jig, i thought his other tooling would be as equally as appealing. With these additions i will soon be fully self sufficient, aside from powder coating (soon to be conquered), in my shop setup.
Joe Bringheli, owner of Bringheli U.S.A., has been super helpful to many novice framebuilder's in providing solid tooling at an affodable price. He's a nice guy from what i can gather fromthe phone conversations i've had with the soft spoken Italian-American.
Joe builds custom steel frames, several different types of handbuilt tooling (jigs,alignment tables etc), and provides aircraft-grade steel from colombus and Dedaccia. His prices are also unbeatable on tools. Simpler and more annoying and finnicky to work with than othe;s on the market, but with its nearest competitor still more than $1000 higher in price, the appeal of his jig was great and it proved to work better than expected, which is why i feel confident that all of his products will function adequately to suit my needs.
All of this new equipment is well out of my immediate budget, but Joe was awesome enough to agree to a payment plan after a hefty deposit. Since He has to build all of the tooling out of his shop in Parma, OH, it's going to take a few months for meto get everything, but the fork jig will ship four weeks from today!!! Stoked on 2011 so far....
I love tools