Warmth is a comin' aka fuck the winter

Thank god that spring has finally settled upon NYC. Good news for all that love the sunshine, warmth and relative happiness that comes along with season change,this of course especially pertaining to cyclists. After busting my ass working as a messenger this winter, by the start of march i was feeling quite a bit of bitterness towards my velocipedes, and to cycling in general. Anyone who has worked as a courier in NYC in the winter can attest to this i'm sure.
Of course that feeling has passed just as it always does, and with my seasonal employment change back to full time co operator of Velo Brooklyn; riding, working on and building bicycles feels just as good as ever. The last month has seen business at the shop pick back up to the normal in season pace, spurred by the The change in weather along with healthy growth and expansion through the addition of new product lines and a revamping of the shop space. the new COARSE facilities, which is now conveniently located in the basement of Velo Brooklyn/Bushwick Bike Shop has also been slowly coming into it's own

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